About Us

We are a team of psychologists and researchers who believe that living more compassionately is important for our wellbeing and mental health.

That is why we have adapted clinically-supported principles and practices from compassion focused therapy to create Living in Recovery, a self-paced online program designed for people who are off work due to injury.

Our aim is to help workers with injury learn evidence-based, compassion focused principles to help navigate difficult thoughts and feelings while off spending time off work.

This program is backed by research and is supported by the icare Foundation’s WorkUp initiative.

Why compassion?

'Compassion' is the practice of bringing care towards the self and others in the face of hardship. It recognises that pain, suffering and setbacks are a shared human experience, and encourages us to acknowledge and approach distressing thoughts and feelings in ourselves and others with kindness.

Clinical research shows that embracing compassion is directly related to psychological wellbeing. When we face setbacks in life, it's common to experience difficulties such as self-criticism, anger, disappointment or anxiety. Compassion can help us to better understand our distress, and build courage and commitment to take positive steps for ourselves, even during tough times.